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June 26 2017

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June 25 2017

Ale jeśli ktoś z was przeżył kiedyś coś podobnego - jeśli płakał całą noc, aż zabrakło mu łez - to wie, że w końcu przychodzi pewien szczególny rodzaj spokoju. Człowiek czuje się tak, jakby już nic nigdy nie miało się zdarzyć
— C. S. Lewis

June 23 2017

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June 20 2017

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Medea (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1969)

June 19 2017

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Title: “Found”

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Sunlight through a tree during an eclipse. The tree leaves act similar to how pinhole cameras work, leaving these little eclipse casts

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June 17 2017

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Finckenstein Palace in Kamieniec, Poland, burned by the Red Army as they advanced on Germany in 1945.

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Mosaic Floor with Head of Medusa, Roman, about 115 - 150.

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June 15 2017

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June 13 2017

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Olivier de Sagazan.

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June 11 2017

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The Cryptid Collector (Purchase print/merch)

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June 10 2017

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